Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

Closer look

The MobileLite Wireless is designed to allow the user to insert a SD card (HC, XC), other forms of cards using a SD adapter or USB drive to backup your data from a mobile phone or tablet. The MobileLite Wireless is perfect for devices that are not capable of upgrading or expanding the internal storage. It also gives the user the added feature of viewing photos, playing videos, listening to audio files stored in the MobileLite to any capable device especially those running Apple and Google android operating systems.

The MobileLite Wireless is a small rectangular device made of durable plastic that protects the electronics inside. Measuring about 5″ long, it should comfortably fit in a typical pocket or purse.

On the top of the unit we have three LED indicators that represent power/charging and wireless connectivity, whether it’s a hotspot or a typical LAN connection.

Looking to the side of the unit we have a power button and a small recessed reset button. Pressing the power button for about three seconds will power the unit completely on. Pressing it less than that will put the unit in charging mode.

On one end of the unit we have a SD card slot. As mentioned before, the slot will take any form of memory card including HC and XC forms. The user can select to use other memory cards like a MicroSD card just as long as they use a SD adapter to conform to the slot.

The opposite end is equipped with the standard USB and microUSB ports. The larger USB port is used for either charging a device or for a USB flash drive. The smaller port is used to charge the MobileLite Wireless with the included cable.

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