Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review


I read it somewhere where someone stated that the iPhone is the number one selling camera. More photos are being taken with the iPhone than any other camera out there. If this is the case, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is the ideal companion for those individuals. Because of the fixed storage capacity iPhones have, you can offload all those images that are taking up all the data space and transfer them to the MobileLite. All that can be done in time or without having to configure for a local area network. The MobileLite has its own hotspot capabilities so the transfer can be done in a jiffy, anytime and anywhere.

Android users, on the most part, will get the same benefits out of the MobileLite Wireless same with the Apple users. But because of the different versions of Google Android’s operating system and having the need for a unique program for each, some of the devices would have some trouble with the current version of the app. It may lack some features such as data transfer from a portable device to the Kingston product which we did experience. Like we stated in the review, Kingston is working on updating the app so we expect to see improvements over time. Hence, this isn’t the case for all Android products.

Another good use we could see to the MobileLite is its usage for audio and video freaks. By now, we all know that flash drives are relatively cheap and because so many devices like car audio and televisions will accept them natively, you don’t have to worry about using a CD or DVD. With that being said, you can keep that data on the USB flash drive, insert it into the MobileLite and continue sharing it with mobile devices like phones and tablets.

The MobileLite Wireless serves another significant purpose of being a portable charger. It is nice to know that in the time of need, you would be able to charge your portable device using this product. We know that phones and tablets are getting faster and faster so that means battery life is getting shorter and shorter. So, this will become handier than you think.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless can be found on Amazon for $69.99 making it very affordable. Throwing in a Kingston flash drive or flash media and you will have plenty of storage for music and videos.

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