Kingwin FPX-007 5 Channel LCD Touchscreen Fan Controller

Packaging, Unboxing, & Closer Look 

The front of the box has a picture of the FPX-007 Fan Controller and the Kingwin Logo 

The back of the box has the Specifications, Features, Kingwin Logo, and front face of the FPX-007 Fan Controller 

Contents of the box are the FPX-007 Fan Controller in a antistatic bag, Small bag of screws, Instruction/Information sheet, and a customer satisfaction contact card. 

The front of the FPX Fan Controller has the LCD Touchscreen with Kingwin printed on the left side 

From the top of the fan controller you see that each fan connector, power cord, and the temperature probe can be disconnected. 

From the rear of the fan controller you are able to see the position of the connectors and the alarm on the upper right of the picture. Also just to the left of the alarm is a jumper to enable or disable the beep. 

Here are the ends of each of the cables. 1 Power cord, 1 Temperature probe, 5 Fan connectors

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