Kingwin FPX-007 5 Channel LCD Touchscreen Fan Controller

Fan Controls & Testing 

Once you have power to the FPX-007 Fan Controller this is the display you will see. 

1. Temperature display – Press to change between Fahrenheit & Celsius. Hold to change alarm temp with + & –  

2. Fan temp range display 

3. Silent mode switch – Places all fans to lowest speed to reduce sound 

4. Performance mode switch – Places all fans to highest speed for highest airflow 

5. Fan number display – Touch to select each fan 1 thru 5 

6. + key – Increase Fan Speed in Manual Mode 

7. – key – Decrease Fan Speed in Manual Mode 

8. Fan RPM display 

9. Fan RPM range display 

10. Manual switch 

11. Auto switch 


To test the Kingwin FPX-007 Fan Controller I hooked up three Corsair Air Series AF140 140mm case fans that run at 1200 RPM. With the FPX-007 I was easily able to change the fan speed from 700 RPM to 1200 RPM in manual mode in 100 RPM increments. So I could set each fan to the speed I so desire it to have. Also to make a quick change I could use the Silent mode switch & Performance mode switch to go from 700 RPM to 1200 RPM. All displays showed proper Fan speed and range, Temperature, and Fan I had selected. You can change the alarm by holding the Temperature display button for 4 to 5 seconds till you see the numbers flashing then adjust the temp with the + or – buttons to adjust from 104 to 194 degrees. When temperature was made to go above the set temp the alarm sounds and the LCD display flashed. After it cooling the temperature the alarm stopped and LCD stopped flashing.  



Final Thoughts 

Kingwin FPX-007 Fan Controller is an excellent device for those that want to have control of their fan system. With the ability to change each fans speed you would be able to adjust the flow for your PC. Also with the Performance mode with a touch of a button you have your computer at max cooling for gaming, benchmarking, or if you just like to keep it cool as possible. From those that do not have a motherboard or case that controls the fans you can find the Kingwin FPX-007 at Amazon or Newegg.

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