Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus Tablet Review

Smart Tab M10 Plus Charging Stand: Pros and Cons

We love the charging stand that came with the laptop. It’s a unique piece that sets it way apart in the world of affordable tablets. There were a few drawbacks for us though that we noticed. 

The stand has pins for charging the tablet, which is great but it only seems to work when the tablet is placed vertically in the stand, making it its tallest height. If you place it in the stand horizontally, it will fit on the stand, but it won’t charge. This is fine as it’s a nice feature for being able to set up the tablet on the stand quickly but it’s frustrating if you forget, and the tablet dies in this position. 

We also realized one day that just because it’s on the stand, it doesn’t mean that it will always be fully charged. We left the tablet on the stand for about a week with limited interaction and when we picked it up to use it, it was dead. Our theory is that the battery overcharging-prevention mode kicked on once it reached 100% and then it died from there. 

If you’re using this tablet every single day that probably won’t apply to you but if you leave it for a few days, be prepared to have to charge it.

Final Thoughts on Lenovo’s Smart Tab M10 Plus Tablet

We Would Totally Buy This Device! This was on loan to us from Lenovo and my husband and I both agree that we’ll be purchasing one of our own for further family use. It’s a great little tablet that not only makes my kitchen screen dreams come true, but it also does much more than I could have imagined. 


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