Lexar Hades RGB DDR4 RAM Review | 32GB 3600Mbps


We received the Hades RGB DDR4 RAM with two (2) 16GB DIMMs, for a total of 32GB of DDR4 at 3600MHz. The hardware arrived in a good-looking outer package and had a plastic clamshell holder. Lexar included some nice RGB LED strips under frosted plastic for light diffusion, making it even more attractive.

Inside the box, the RAM’s heat spreader design is orderly, and the hardware features a matte black finish with no hard edges. Comprised of two separate aluminum pieces, they meet together nicely to envelop the RGB diffuser. Installation was uncomplicated, as it should be with all RAM kits. I’d give it a one out of ten in terms of difficulty.Lexar Hades

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