Lian Li PC-C60 Desktop / HTPC Case

Closer look at the exterior

When it comes to HTPC cases (or the “desktop” case of a bygone era which this resembles), at one time they all pretty much resemble one another. Single optical drive support, installation for just a couple of 3.5” drives (if you were lucky), mATX motherboard options and lackluster air circulation. Well, Lian Li is out to change all of that with the new PC-C60.

The new C60 is made completely of aluminum, something Lian Li is know for and why so many people love their cases. Lian Li offers the C60 in two colors which is silver and black.

The C60 from the front looks very simplistic, another thing that Lian Li has done when it comes to many of their cases. On the left we see only the ‘Lian Li’ trademark, while the rest of the features appear on the right side. Here we have two full size 5.25″ optical drive bays, one of which being covered by a stealth door; a second drive will be visible. Just below them we find a single eSATA, dual USB 3.0 ports for the storage freaks out there and two audio jacks. Separated by a gap we finally have the power and reset buttons.


One of the things that makes the C60 a nice upgrade from other HTPC cases would definitely have to be the cooling. Evidence of the superior cooling aspect can be seen from the outside of the case along the sides. The C60 has a total of five 140mm openings, two per side to allow air to be pushed across the surface of the motherboard and it’s components, though it’s worth noting that one is for the PSU. The remaining fan opening is elegantly concealed by a flush-mounted block off plate on the top panel, should you want to display the case out in the open (as you should). Lian Li have packaged the C60 with two 140mm fans (3pin motherboard controlled) for you and removable filters, sans PSU opening. The three side fan openings also have provisions to fit one size smaller fan if you prefer





The rear of the C60 looks similar to many of the tower cases we have reviewed. The enclosure has a total of seven expansion slots which is just enough for your average ATX-sized motherboard. The C60 does not come with a power supply but it does support your typical ATX PSU.

To keep the unit off the surface of whatever it is sitting on Lian Li equipped the cases with rubber-bottomed circular feet, which lifts the case about a 1/2inch off the surface.

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