Lian Li PC-C60 Desktop / HTPC Case

Closer look at the interior

Looking at the opened case from above and we see the unit is pretty spacious. How spacious? Well, the case can house video cards as long as 370mm in the upper half of the case, or the first 4 expansion slots, and 270mm in the lower half. Removing one or both of the HDD cage towers can of course result in longer cards being used in all the slots.

Each of the optical and HDD trays has to be removed from the case in order to add drives to them. Each cage tower can hold a single 2.5” drive on the top level, for a total of three. When it comes to 3.5” drives a total of six is supported, with the option to install an adapter to fit that many additional 2.5″ drives instead. Also, each tower is modular in that each individual cage can be removed, or have more added as space allows.

Here we have images of the 140mm fans that come with the C60.

The opposite of the case has two ventilation areas to vent warm air. The vent on the left has a dust filter while the one on the right does not. Reason being the one on the right is for the power supply’s fan. The power supply will sit on rubber bumpers to eliminate vibration.

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