Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench in Red

Closer look

To begin I have to say that the PC-Q06 is super light in weight. According to Lian Li it weighs in at 2.2 pounds but after getting it out of the box, to be honest, I think its lighter. They are able to achieve that because of the lightweight aluminum they used for it’s construction, but we know that will change once we slap some hardware on it.

You can get this super lightweight Q06 in three color variations: silver, black and red like our review sample. This is my first time with a red PC enclosure and I had my doubts in the beginning. Once out of the box I realized just how brilliant a red case is, and keep in mind that due to the flash it’s color tone is slightly pinkish

We begin our tour of the Q06 starting at the front of the enclosure. It consists of a single 5.25 external bay utilizing a stealth door. Lian Li was one of the first companies who made stealth doors a standard for their cases and I am glad they continued with it here.  Just below the optical drive bay is the power and reset buttons, with the two USB 2.0 ports and dual audio connections along the bottom.

As we pass by the side you may notice that there are no windows on the Q06, but there is good reason for that. Due to it’s small foot print there is no cable management and once you have all the components installed it may look a tad cluttered. Function over form as they say, and we agree.

The rear of the Q06 you will find a perforated removable plate, whose function is two fold: It allows you access to cables inside which are then passed through that notch  up to the motherboard, and it also acts as additional ventilation for the system. Below that is opening for a standard size power supply, which we will come back to a little later.


The underside of the Q06 is also vented with a convenient dust filter that is easy to remove for cleaning. Four aluminum-clad rubber feet help keep the case off the desktop for airflow, but also to help cut down operating noise by dampening any mechanical vibrations.

Looking at the top of the enclosure is a wide opening of which you can see the HDD and optical drive cages. We will comment more on it during the installation part of the review.


That concludes our external tour of the Q06, I hope it was enjoyable. Please watch your step while disembarking from the boat as the platform is wet and slippery.

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