Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench in Red

Closer look inside

Next we stripped the Q06 down to its bare framework and this is what we were left with. Lian Li made the little enclosure easy as possible to build up. All the pieces and panels can be individually separated from the case to make the installation of components as easy as possible for the end user.

Here are the rails that the PSU on which the PSU will sit and if you notice they also have rubber strips on them once again in an effort to keep the unit as quiet as possible. Also the reason for the rails is to space the PSU up off the bottom of the case which keeps it from blocking the bottom vent. If you’ll notice the previous picture and the PSU mounting holes, you can see that you have the option of mounting the PSU with it’s fan either up in the middle of the case, or down facing the vent. If the fan is facing up it will draw out side air into the case and help keep the itself and the other components cooler, otherwise you can also face the fan towards the vent which will keep the PSU cooler as it draws in fresh air.

As stated earlier, each of the pieces that make up the Q06 are removable from the main enclosure. Here is a list of what they are:

HDD brackets

Optical drive holder and Stealth door

Bottom dust filter and expansion card holder

Rear and side panels

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