Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench in Red


If this tech bench was released say, two years ago, I would have said to myself  ‘what is Lian Li thinking’. Two years ago we did not see overclocking mITX motherboard like the ones we have now. Zotac, Gigabyte and DFI are all producing motherboards aimed at the enthusiasts. One of which we reviewed just recently by Gigabyte, the H55N-USB3. As long as the world keeps looking for smaller form factor systems, we will continue to see more of these motherboards produced.

As such, the more systems like that H55N Gigabyte released, the more you will see people benching them and pushing them to their limits. It is because of that in which the PC-Q06 will come in handy. Lian Li made the Q06 easy to work with if you are an enthusiast and always doing benchmarks, as the components like the power supply and hard drive are mounted securely within the enclosure so all you have to do if switch out the motherboard that sits comfortably on the top. Since the CPU, memory, videocard, and occasionally the motherboard being the only things one might have to swap out during one of those benching sessions, they are all conveniently accessible.

And for those that have no need for benching mITX motherboards you will be happy to know that Lian Li also makes an attachment motherboard tray allowing for the fitment of an ATX motherboard. This is an optional piece of course and we will report back as soon as we find a retailer selling them, as we will definitely be picking one up. And for those that may use the PC-Q06 as an everyday case it does offer USB and traditional audio ports up front for easy access

Because this is a hardware testbed that will get continual usage by way of swapping out components, Lian Li did not skimp out on quality. The Q06 uses the same aluminum construction we have come to see from them over the years. They pride themselves on this high level of quality and the Q06 is a prime example.

But the Q06 is not without some minor faults. The first is for those that would need to enter the interior of the chassis frequently will have to remove several tiny screws. This could eat up precious time if in a rush to get on with the next benching session. Also will have to keep the size of the power supply to the ‘standard size’ as anything bigger will interfere with the cabling of the front panel. Like ones built by CWT such as the Corsair HX1000 and a few Thermaltake Toughpower 1000+W units.

The Q06 is offered in three colors: red, black and silver and retails for $79.99 with mail-in rebates offered around the web.


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