List of the Best ERP Software

Choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning software doesn’t have to be THAT difficult.

The best business management software will be able to help organizations enhance their efficiency and productivity. Known as enterprise resource planning (ERP), the software shows the core of a business, providing systems that track business resources, business commitments. The system connects various departments in an organization, using all the data to support a large variety of business functions.

But what is the best ERP software and what should a small business or a large enterprise look for when it comes to getting the best service for the right price?

A good ERP software should be an all-in-one solution for any type of business. So how do you choose between so many ERP software?

We looked at the most popular ones and reviewed each ERP software to see what they offer. Let’s check the top six ERP software offered by the best companies in the industry.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Highlights: An ERP solution with transparent pricing, offering discounts for additional licenses, and apps for different categories.

With customers like Adobe, Coca-Cola, BMW, HP and others, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a popular product. However, it is not aimed at huge companies only.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets the customer choose a product bundle that would better fit their business. Some of the categories included are: marketing, sales, customer service, operations, field service, finance, commerce, and human resources.

Each category comes with various apps. Take Operations, for instance, which comes with apps that are aimed at project service automation, supply chain management, and business central.

The prices are for each pack, and Microsoft offers transparent pricing, letting buyers know how much each app in that category costs.

Most Microsoft Dynamics 365 packages need to be purchased with a minimum of 10 or 20 licenses, which is why this solution is aimed at businesses that want to buy in bulk. Choosing the specific product fit for the business and getting discounts on additional licenses is a plus.


5. Acumatica

Highlights: An award winning ERP software that supports growing businesses, offers solutions specific to various industries, allows adding users for free.

Founded in 2008, Acumatica offers industry-specific ERP solutions, meaning that the software is molded so that it fits any kind of business. The great majority of customers are small to mid-sized enterprises.

Acumatica offers ERP software editions such as: General Business Edition, Distribution Edition, Manufacturing Edition, Construction Edition, Commerce Edition, and Field Service Edition.

The ERP software from Acumatica is an all-in-one solution for any kind of businesses, supporting business growth. The customer can add more functions and options as the business grows, Acumatica allowing the addition of new users without needing to pay more licenses.

Acumatica’s free product tour can be checked on the official website, and there is even the possibility of requesting a free demo.


4. Syspro

Highlights: An experienced award winning ERP software that offers solutions for different industries.

Syspro offers ERP solutions for all business sizes, from small businesses to mid-sized organizations, and enterprises. However, this software is only aimed at manufacturing and distribution.

Syspro has over 40 years of experience, so it’s a trusty partner for any business that fits the specifics of the two industries.

The ERP software from Syspro offers industry-specific functionality based on what the manufacturers and distributors require: auto parts and accessories, food and beverage, rubber and plastics, industrial equipment and machinery, packaging, fabricated metals, electronics.

Syspro ERP is the solution a business needs to improve the supply chain management and solve operational inefficiencies. Syspro will customize the software and workspace for each client’s need. Growing businesses are also supported by Syspro’s flexibility.

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to know that only companies involved with manufacturing or distribution will fully take advantage of Syspro ERP, so if you’re in other industries, such as ecommerce or retail, this is not the ERP solution for you.

Syspro offers free demos for those that want to check out the software.


3. Sage 300

Highlights: A cloud-based ERP solution fit for international e-commerce that supports multiple currencies and automates vendor processes.

While we noticed the previous ERP software isn’t fit for e-commerce, here is where Sage 300 excels. It was designed for mid-market companies, being one of the three types of ERP software from Sage.

The cloud-based ERP software maximizes ROI and helps simplify financials, allowing businesses manage different currencies. Sage 300 also allows the customer to use it for multiple businesses (such franchises or subsidiary companies).

Sage 300 also lets the customer access various features such as Sage CRM, Sage Inventory Advisor, and Sage Payment Solutions. Customers will also be able to take advantage of real-time analytics, processing and tracking orders from anywhere and more.

Automating purchasing process, orders, invoices, receipts, and returns will allow you to save time and resources.

If the features in Sage 300 are too overwhelming, Sage 100 is a great alternative that comes with CRM and other ERP features but are not exactly aimed at multiple businesses or international operations. There’s also Sage Business Cloud X3, the top of the like ERP solution that comes with more features than what you’d get with Sage 300. Sage Business Cloud X3 is focused on supply chain management and sales and it has been designed for larger enterprises.

Medium-sized businesses should do fine with either Sage 300. You can request a free demo and check out Sage 300 for yourself.


2. SAP Business One

Highlights: An ERP solution perfect for small businesses, allowing mobile access and offering over 500+ add-ons and industry-specific solutions

While ERP software was initially created to serve enterprises, now even small businesses can take advantage of the software. This is what SAP Business One aims to do, with its ERP software.

The all-in-one industry-specific solutions is the platform that comes with resources for analytics, CRM, financials, sales, inventory management, reporting, and other more. The software is easily customizable offering over 500 add-ons that should fit any type of industry or business.

SAP Business One also lets users access the software using iOS and Android mobile apps. Checking inventory, manage service tickets or viewing real-time reports are some of the features that are supported on mobile devices.

SAP Business One is usually purchased from one of the partners or resellers the company works with. Business owners must complete a questionnaire before finding out an estimate in terms of pricing. According to what your business needs, the price will probably vary.

As we mentioned in the highlights, SAP Business One is the best ERP software for small businesses.


1. Oracle Netsuite

Highlights: The best ERP solution, fit for any industry, fully customizable, that supports growing businesses.

The best ERP software on the market right now is Oracle Netsuite, and it’s not us saying it, it’s the 20,000+ businesses worldwide that say it.

The solution for enterprise resource planning from Oracle allows customers to get a fully customizable software that supports their growing businesses. As the business scales, adding resources and new functionalities is easy with Oracle Netsuite.

The cloud-based ERP is aimed at any business type and industry: marketing and advertising, agriculture, government, professional services, restaurant and hospitality, construction, ecommerce, engineering, distribution, biotech and pharmaceuticals, and more.

Oracle Netsuite includes features such as financial planning, financial management, production management, and order management, including supply chain management, or warehouse and fulfillment needs.

The ERP software from your Oracle includes even more features, all helping to maximize productivity and various processes.

Considering the high customizability of the software, pricing varies, so clients need to contact an Oracle Netsuite sales team to get a pricing according to the features they need. As most ERP software, Oracle also offers a free product tour.


Which Is The Best ERP Software For Every Business?

There are plenty of ERP solutions out there, but which one is fit for your business? In our list, we used the top six ERP software that count as best ERP solutions for every kind of business. Here are the essential factors that will help you decide which ERP software to choose.

1. Size of Your Business

The best ERP software choices for small businesses are SAP Business One. Nonetheless, Sage 300 is fit for growing mid-market companies, while Acumatica is focused on SMEs.

Large-scale enterprises will need to look at either Oracle Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

2. Industry

ERP software may be aimed at specific industries, for instance, Syspro, which is made only for manufacturers and distributors.

Meanwhile, Sage 300 is the best option for international e-commerce businesses.

The most versatile ERP software that supports any kind of business or industry is Oracle Netsuite, the best ERP software on our list.

3. Features

ERP software is the all-in-one solution for businesses, but each software comes with different features. You need to know what your company needs and choose the ERP that offers those features straight out of the box.

The most important features are sales tools, CRM, accounting tools, and HR, but depending on what your business is, you will need operational management, end-to-end inventory logistics, or supply chain management.

Most ERP software is easily customizable to fit your needs as long as they have those features.

4. Setup and Initial Deployment

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. When you get an ERP software molded to your needs, you get a custom quote. After deciding which provider to choose, the initial deployment will start.

Some software can only be purchased through third-party partners, which can be annoying, but the great thing about this initial nuisance is that the partners are experienced in guiding customers through the whole process.

Final Thoughts

Simplify your business and increase productivity with an ERP software that best fits the business you have.

The best one is Oracle Netsuite, but it may not be aimed at everyone, as we mentioned earlier.

Small businesses should go for SAP Business One, while SMEs or mid-market companies may find Sage 300 or Acumatica a better choice.

And for manufacturing and distribution, Syspro is the best ERP software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also great if you’re looking for discounts on bulk licenses or product bundles.

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