Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review


Logitech started out in the peripherals game all the way back in 1981, starting their company in the realm of mice. Over the years they have branched out into many different peripherals, some of their product lines include Harmony remote controls, Case+ phone accessories, their G gaming products, along with other mice, keyboards, webcams, PC speakers, and tablet keyboards. The G510s is the focus of our review today, and it has some tricks up it’s sleeves.

The G510s’ most pronounced feature is it’s RGB backlighting. Whether your computer or peripherals are blue, green, grey, purple, orange, or you name it, this keyboard is willing to match. This being an update to the G510, as a whole it shares many of it’s features. However this is a proper refining to both looks and function. The update brings some cosmetic features that end up making the original G510 look a tad dull. A subtle speckled blue backplate behind the keys, wasd and arrow keys colored silver for easy differentiation, and nice accenting around the macro keys and arrows. There is also an oleophobic coating on the wrist rest, and a double UV coating on all the keys for added durability.

Logitech’s Take On The G510s

The G510s is definitely made for gamers. With 3 quick switch profiles via M keys and 18 macro keys, this leaves us with a total of 54 easily accessible macro functions. Those macros can even be changed on the fly in game. This can be the difference between a mediocre gaming experience and owning. A 6 key rollover and 500hz refresh rate (that’s 2ms response time) means that keyboard lag is a thing of the past. Your keyboard is now an extension of you. I won’t lie, this is a big keyboard, but with big keyboard comes great gaming responsibility. The G510s gives you plug and play functionality while also giving awesome features coming from Logitech’s own “Logitech Gaming Software” We will get into more detail as we see what this keyboard has to offer in person.

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G KEYS WIN - Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

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