Lumsing Quick Charge 2.0 Multi-Port USB Wall Charger Review

Packaging & Unboxing

The front panel of the simple cardboard box depicts an outline of the Lumsing quick charge with the model number underneath.

The left side of the container has a white sticker showing the product code and country of manufacture.

The rear view of the box has the name of the device, a couple of good selling points and some technical specifications.

Right side of the container has another white sticker, this time with a barcode identifying the device name and color.

Top of the box has Lumsing’s logo and slogan as well as the model number.

Bottom of the box simply has nothing printed.

Upon emptying the contents of the container, you have an orange Lumsing’s 2.0QC 40W Five port USB Wall Charger, clear plastic holder, User’s Manual, & Lumsing’s Power User Program.

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