Lumsing Quick Charge 2.0 Multi-Port USB Wall Charger Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The charging ability of the Lumsing 2.0QC 40W Five port USB Wall Charger smart charging was great, with an increased charging time to newer android phones, Bluetooth headsets, & gaming controllers. There was not much difference in the charging times for the iPad mini 4, but the trickle charge at the end showed that the engineers did a great job and getting the best charge to the device. The unexpected result from the Motorola Xyboard & Blu Studio 5.5, where it would show the devices connected but never charged correctly, makes me wonder if other older device may run into the same problem. The design of the casing is very durable and the anti-slip texture helped to plug and unplug from the wall easily. The testing of the Lumsing 2.0QC 40W Five port USB Wall Charger was very enjoyable. The ability to charge a wide range of devices was a challenge, but I feel confident in its ability to handle all newer devices. I would happily recommend to this product to others, so we’ll give it the ProClockers Recommended Award. You can purchase your Lumsing 2.0QC 40W Five port USB Wall Charger on Amazon for $14.99.


  • Strong case construction
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Charged devoices faster than most average charge times of original chargers (Smart Charge)


  • The design of the Lumsing Quick Charger makes it a bulky item when plugged in meaning, although the charger itself is quite sleek, during operation it juts out from the socket and may be prone to getting in the way.


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