LUXA2 Cigar Clip Universal Car Charger Mount Holder Review


Using the LUXA2 Cigar Clip Hold and Charge is easy. Simply slide your device into the right arm first and once the arm is out far enough simply put your device down into the left side and the spring-loaded right arm and rubber pads will hold your device securely. Shown above is my Droid Turbo.


Looking at the back of the holder plate you can see how the arm slides out of the main body.


The LUXA2 Cigar Clip Hold and Charge is ready for vehicle installation.



I just happened to have a 6″ USB cable laying around that would fit my phone and it also just so happens to be the perfect length for use with the LUXA2 Cigar Clip Hold and Charge.


Here I have the LUXA2 Cigar Clip Hold and Charge installed into my truck. It takes a little bit of force to get the unit fully seated in the power port due to the extra rubber feet. However once it’s all the way in there it’s nice and tight. You can see the blue LED lit in the last picture as well. After using the LUXA2 Cigar Clip Hold and Charge for a while and putting some miles on on our bumpy Northeast roads I noticed there is a tiny bit of movement – which is to be expected when hanging your device off of the 12V outlet port – but nothing that makes it impossible to see a map or whatever on the device. It also makes voice-activated features work much better than when the phone was in my pocket or just sitting in the cup holder.

Let’s wrap up the review with some final thoughts.

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