LUXA2 Lavi D Over-ear Wireless Headphones Review



LUXA2 offers a selection of audio solutions from wireless speakers to wireless headphones. Today, we will be looking at the other version of the Lavi S we received before, the Lavi D Over-ear Wireless Headphones. There are a few distinct differences between these two headphones, Lavi D being a closed-back headphones and doesn’t have the dual function of being a wireless speaker like the Lavi S. Hence, there are a few interesting advantages of the Lavi D over the Lavi S such as weight and comfort. Let’s go check it out today.

LUXA2’s Take on the Lavi D Over-ear Wireless Headphones

Made for Music

Engineered using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Lavi D is built for music and extreme comfort combined, allowing you to effortlessly stream high-quality tunes with maximum comfort and in the least amount of effort.

 The Lavi D comes in a lightweight durable and compact design making it the perfect travel companion for you and your musical playlist whether at home, work or play.

Here’s a short clip about LUXA2’s Lavi Headphone series

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