LUXA2 Lavi D Over-ear Wireless Headphones Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The LUXA2 Lavi D Over-ear Wireless headphones does have some good points that makes it worth buying. Performance for me is average but I cannot find any point that I would consider bad about the headphones. In terms of comfort, the Lavi D is very lightweight and firm on the head compared to the Lavi S. Using the Lavi D as a headset for phone calls work but the sensitive microphone could be an obstacle to a clear conversation depending on the environment you are in. If LUXA2 would develop a similar headphone, a retractable boom microphone with noise-canceling would be a great idea.

I would recommend the Lavi D for is for watching movies where you could be at a distant from the screen and without the cables to bother you and where you can’t bother other people in the house as well. If you like headphones and earphones for listening music, this would also be a great option for outdoor use. It is lightweight, comfortable and stylish to walk around with. You can find the LUXA2 Lavi D Over-ear Wireless headphones at Amazon for $49.99.


  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Dual function


  • Sensitive microphone

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