Luxa2 P1 7000mAh Portable Battery and Charger Review

One of these devices that we think would make life easier for the masses especially if you are a mobile electronic geek is the new Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger. Luxa2 by that way is a Thermaltake company which is respectable manufacturer of all sorts of stuff.  The P1 is designed to give you a way to keep all their portable devices like cell phones, tablet and MP3 players longer life even after the internal battery dies. The Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger will allow you to power up your weak or power drained device in a jiffy anytime and anywhere.

Closer Look

Here’s a cool story, my wife and I were discussing how the battery in her cell phone usually dies before she leaves work and low and behold this little gadget shows up at our front door. I guess I know who is getting this after the reviewing process is done.

Back to the Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger, it has a solidly build little device and you will realize this as soon as you pick it up. For such a small device, it has some weight to it. But it is far from heavy and wouldn’t be of any discomfort to the user when packed into their purse or luggage. According to Luxa2, the P1 weighs just 0.4 pounds.

The overall size of the P1 is about the size of a cell phone unless you are carrying around one of those 4.5″ or 4.8″ monsters. It stands 4.4″ tall, 2.8″ wide and 0.7″ thick.

Looking at the outer shell of the P1, you would think that it is a device that is strictly made for Apple products. This is a design style that many companies have adapted over the years. Rightly so, it is a style that is proven appealing to the masses. Hence, the P1 is a universal device so it can be used with many other devices of different brands.

The outer shell is made of plastic but made to look like aluminum. The top of the portable battery and charger is pretty much free from any branding except for the small Luxa2 logo. Near the bottom is a power button with four small LED lights which are indicators for how much charge is left.

The sides of the unit is smooth with one of them consisting of standard USB ports for your devices and a micro USB port for charging the unit. The availability of two 5v, 1A USB ports means that the P1 battery and charger can power two devices at once.

The P1 portable battery and charger has a Li-Ion polymer battery with a 7000mAh capacity. Just to give you a clearer picture of how much power this device has, Luxa2 simply specified it to be able to charge an iPhone 3.5 times and adds seven more hours to your iPad.

Turning the unit over, you will see that it has four small rubber feet to sit on and a small product label with the usual sign or icon for power.

The Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger comes with just two cables. The first would be the micro USB cable that can be plugged into your PC, wall socket or car dashboard 12v socket for quick charging. Another cool thing about this same cable is that you can turn it around and use it for the device you want to plug into the P1. Also included is a standard 15-pin Apple connector cable for devices like iPod, iPhone and other Apple devices.

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