Luxa2 P1 7000mAh Portable Battery and Charger Review

One of these devices that we think would make life easier for the masses especially if you are a mobile electronic geek is the new Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger. Luxa2 by that way is a Thermaltake company which is respectable manufacturer of all sorts of stuff.  The P1 is designed to give you a way to keep all their portable devices like cell phones, tablet and MP3 players longer life even after the internal battery dies. The Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger will allow you to power up your weak or power drained device in a jiffy anytime and anywhere.


In today’s fast paced world, everyone is looking for portability and speed. We want devices to be small and fast. Mobile phones no longer use a single processor core, they are now boasting four cores this means that the battery indicator could be flashing in no time. This is the case for many other devices as well. This is why we are seeing products like the new Luxa2 P1 portable battery pack showing up on the shelves of our favorite electronic stores to will help you power and enjoy your devices longer.

The nice thing about the P1 is that with its 7000mAh Li-On battery, it can give you a longer charge compared to other inferior battery and chargers out there. This is a major plus when you simply can’t wait to get home or find the nearest wall plug to power up your mobile phone to send an important text message.

Another aspect of the Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger that many will like is that it will match all of the Apple products. Since Apple has the large share of phones and tablets on the market which a lot of people do use, getting a P1 will really give you an edge in using your Apple devices.  The P1 will certainly cater the masses and it’s nice to know that it will work with many other non-Apple devices as well.

The Luxa2 P1 7000mAh portable battery and charger is showing on most shopping networks at a price of $51 to $75. The lowest price was from stores we never heard of. Some of the lower prices we saw were from known stores like Provantage and Beach Audio who’s selling the P1 at $61.

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