LUXA2 S100 Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver Kit Review

User Experience and Performance

The LUXA2 Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver kit’s benefits may depend on how you use your devices. Wireless charging does come with some advantages like being able to charge the device on the go without plugging and unplugging the connector frequently which could come in handy when you are actively using the device such as receiving multiple calls. The dual connector does add a benefit of being able to charge both Apple devices and devices with a micro-USB port which is more common.

The S100 kit’s charging output will depend on the source. There’s a LED indicator in the pad that will let you know if the pad is powered and ready for charging. A red LED light will turn on.

Once charging, a green LED light will turn on in a blinking effect.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The LUXA2 S100 Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver kit sure comes with certain advantages for those who like fast and on-the-go charging. Given that more smartphones today have wireless charging capabilities, the likes of S100 kit could be a common gadget in the near future. For those who are looking to be into this new technology ahead, this kit will do it for you. You can find the S100 Wireless Charging Pad and Reciever kit at the Thermaltake Store at $49.99.

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