Mass Effect Andromeda PC Game Review

Testing & Performance

Combat in the game is tight, aiming is precise with the shooter elements having a nice feel to them. Guns though don’t feel like they have the impact they should, with powers having much more punch than the weapons. The cover system as stated in the gameplay section is the largest control issue as crouching near a wall and sticky cover made maintaining cover much more manageable. Though for the most part, the controls are responsive and functional. Every control option can be rebound as needed with all controls having secondary keybindings.

Peebee an Asari and one of Ryder’s companions. Most of the character models look worse than this one.

Visuals are a mixed bad, while the set pieces look great the weapon models, structures, ships, and planets all look up to par. The planets themselves are also huge, though typically you’re sandboxed into a small section of each world. Character models look bad, with facial animations being terrible sometimes over exaggerated, bordering on the creepy side of the uncanny valley. There was some texture pop-in though and high CPU utilization as noted with the frostbite engine which made it a questionable choice for the size of some of the maps.

Early dialogue option with the description of the new conversation wheel.

The score composed by John Paesano is excellent, sweeping and grand. Fitting the tone of exploration on alien worlds which is fitting with the game. Music from the nightclubs and bars was composed by local DJs scouted by BioWare from the Edmonton area. Voice acting though varies between average and terrible with multiple lines falling flat, making their characters sound entirely uninteresting. Weapon sounds are also terrible, even for sci-fi weapons they sound so generic as if stock gun sounds were downloaded and used from a sound databank. In all the music is the strongest part of a fairly weak sound design.

As for options menu, there is a slate of options for post-processing and effects, including fullscreen on or off, resolution scaling and HDR. However, there are no options for bloom, motion blur or lens flare. If those options exist they are bundled with other options like lighting quality or effects quality. Performance is still an issue and the game doesn’t run well on lower end systems. There are still frequent frame drops and occasional frame hitching after some patches to improve performance. Those with less powerful machines will have issues with this game with it even failing to run on one of the test systems due to the CPU.


Benchmarks at 1080P High Preset

 i7 6700 / GTX 980tiAMD 8320 / 4GB RX480
Frames4,957 frames3,601 frames
Time (ms)60,000 ms60,000 ms
Max FPS103 FPS87 FPS
Avg. FPS82.671 FPS60.017 FPS

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