Mass Effect Andromeda PC Game Review

Final Thoughts & Conslusion

Ryder interacting with a Remnant console.

While the combat is fun, the repetitive nature of the questing and enemies causes the even the differing locations to get old quickly. The roleplaying system lacks any real depth, with the loss of the class system hurting replayability as sometimes even the same choices with a different playstyle can offer a different experience. This lack of depth to character building or roleplaying will probably be a turn off to hardcore RPG players that were already not happy with the tonal shift toward action between the first Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3.

Fans of the Mass Effect series may find fun in exploring the universe once again, or they may find this outing to have narrative dissonance with the past games as while it is 600 years in the future the races of the Andromeda Initiative have not advanced technologically due to the cryosleep. Yet Ryder has access to a jetpack, which Shepard did not have access to being bot N7 and a Spectre he should have had access to the most advanced technology available. This is really hard to recommend to anyone, especially right now at full price and with the game still having performance issues. Mass Effect 3 is currently available on EA Origin for $59.99 for the standard edition and $69.99 for the deluxe edition. While DLC is planned for the series, there is no season pass or DLC monetization information at this time. Ultimately, the verdict for this game is to pass on this game. Even with a price drop, it’s very hard to recommend this game to any but the most die-hard of Mass Effect fans that are itching for another outing in the universe.


  • Controls are tight and responsive
  • Set pieces have great visuals with varied environments


  • Gameplay gets repetitive
  • Character models are ugly
  • Dialogue is fairly bland
  • Bosses get recycled and are bullet sponges
  • Inconsistent checkpoints with no quicksave feature and manual saving disabled in combat or on mission maps


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