MSI Meg x570 Ace Review


To get the most out of your MEG X570 ACE MSI, it provides you with its Dragon Center software, which allows you to tweak your CPU, LAN, Monitor, and other aspects of your PC. If you don’t already have MSI Dragon Center installed, you can download it for free at MSI website: .
The first menu item from the “Main” menu is “Gaming Mode” which allows you to optimize/configure each installed game individually.

From the “User Scenario” section you can overclock your GPU with various presets or apply your own overclock with the “Custom” icon.

Under the “Monitor” section you’re presented with the current status of your PC, such as CPU frequency, GPU core clock, and various temperatures/voltages.

Moving to “True Color” you can adjust the color/brightness over your monitor with a few presets or customize it yourself.

If you wish to tweak your network connection, you can do so using the “LAN Manager.” From here, you can assign priorities to certain applications, view network usage, run a network test, and block certain IPs.

The last item in the list, “Mystic Light” allows you to customize the MEG ACE’s RGB infinity mirror with various pre-loaded effects.

The next icon on the left is the “My Device.” This allows you to register the MEG ACE with MSI, which provides you with quicker service/product support.

Under the “Support” icon, it gives you a list of currently installed drivers/utility as well as the latest available version number. If some drivers/utilities are out-of-date, you can use the Dragon Center to install the newer version.

The last menu item “Tools” lets you adjust the fan of your GPU using the Zero Frozr setting and Cooler Boost.

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