MSI Meg x570 Ace Review


Now that we have completed all our stock testing let’s see how far the MSI MEG X570 ACE can push our Ryzen 3900x. Below are the stock settings for my 3900X and G.Skill Ripjaws V memory.

Applying known voltages for my 3900X, the MSI MEG ACE had no issues holding the clock of 4.3GHz on all 12 cores at a voltage of 1.35v. I was unable to go any higher than 4.3GHz because temperatures were creeping up to 95C and were unable to complete even a Cinebench R15 run. With the memory, we were able to up the frequency from 3200MHz to 3600MHz, which matches the infinity fabric perfectly for optimal performance.

Now that the system has been overclocked and proven stable, let’s see how much more performance we were able to achieve.

In AIDA64, we saw an impressive leap in performance with an increase between 8-12% in write/read/copy and a much better latency of 67.9ns.

In Cinebench, shatter our old score by over 200 points with a final number of 3324.

In Time Spy, we bested our original score by 99 points but looking at the CPU score; it had substantial gains with an increase of 800 points.

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