MSI Meg x570 Ace Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

This was the first MSI motherboard I have had the pleasure to review and I must say the MEG X570 ACE did not disappoint. From its aesthetics to its raw performance, the MSI MEG ACE fires on all cylinders and provides you with a visually stunning board with the power to back it up. Everything about this board feels high-end from the reinforced PCIe/DDR4 slots, the included M.2 heatsinks, RGB infinity mirror, and the included custom Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna.

Now, normally gold isn’t my preferred color for builds, but MSI has done an amazing job balancing it with its mostly black motif. Even if your other components don’t have any gold, the MEG ACE will have no issues blending in. This coupled with the silver reinforce PCIe/DDR4 slots and the visually stunning infinity mirror makes for a great-looking board.

From a performance point of view, the MEG ACE handles my Ryzen 3900x like a champ allowing me to push it to its limits. With a final overclock of 4.3GHz on all cores, I saw an increase in performance of 5-10% across the board which enabled us to achieve a blistering score of 3384 in our last Cinebench R15 run. Even in the Timespy benchmark, we saw an impressive increase of 800 points on the CPU Score.

The MSI MEG ACE has been one of the best boards that have graced my bench, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get the most out of their hardware.

Amazing job, MSI!

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