MetallicGear NEO G MINI mITX Case Review


Over the past few years, we have seen an emerging trend of people opting for mITX cases over larger cases like mid towers. This size factor typically appeals to people looking to build a media server or a mid-range workstation. Lately, we see that PC builders are making mITX builds for portability for events like Dreamhack or just having the challenge of seeing how much power they can cram into a tight space. Entering into the mITX space is MetallicGear with one of its debut cases the NEO G MINI which comes in a compact size of 355mm (H) x 190mm (W) X 375mm (D). Other stand out features include a vertical GPU mount with riser cable, tempered glass front and side panel with stylized silk-screening, and all steel chassis with sandblasted aluminum body. Despite these high-end features MetallicGear still manages to keep the NEO G MINI at an affordable MSRP of $80.

About MetallicGear

MetallicGear, which was announced at CES 2018 is a sub-brand of the Phanteks that hopes to bring innovative designs that strike the right balance between form and function. Their focus is to bring products that are brimming with personality that contain quality materials and still maintain an affordable price. They debuted their first product line of NEO cases at CES which include NEO, NEO MICRO, NEO MINI, and NEO G MINI.

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