Moshi Ionbank 5k with Micro USB Connector Review


It is normal for any modern individual to own a smartphone nowadays. Aside from that, there are plenty of handheld devices people use today such as tablets, cameras, dashcams, smart watches and so on. It is great that these are getting better each year. However, you can only have them powered for a finite amount of time then you’ll be reaching out to a power source to charge it back up. It would be great if you want extend the life of your gadgets particularly when you would be outdoors or traveling without a reachable power source. With that, portable power banks or battery packs are essential to anybody always on the go. Today we will be looking at one coming from Moshi, the Ionbank 5k portable ion bank.

About Moshi

Moshi creates extraordinary products for enhancing the mobile lifestyle.


Moshi is serious about product design. A rarity in the accessories business, all of Moshi’s products – including tooling – are designed in-house, from the ground up. Moshi also has a number of design patents to protect our interests as well as those of our partners. These factors are key in ensuring that every Moshi product is consistently of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found in the marketplace.


Moshi prides itself on introducing products that meet our customers’ needs in remarkable and practical new ways.


Moshi is committed to environmental stewardship. We are aware there is only one Earth and it is our responsibility to proactively adopt measures to mitigate environmental impacts. This principle is reflected through our product design which focuses not only on aesthetics, but also on durability and reusability.

Whenever possible, we use recycled and/or naturally bio-degradable materials for packaging and boxing. In manufacturing of our products, we adhere strictly to California’s Proposition 65 and RoHS standards which were enacted to eliminate the use of hazardous substances during production.

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