MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus Video Card Review


If one thing is true these days, it’s that there is no shortage of graphics cards on the market. It seems that every week Nvidia is announcing something or AMD is teasing something. However, after the recent launch of the 1080 TI, in the announcement of the new Titan XP, the last thing I’d expected was yet another GTX 1080. But, none the less, I was wrong. But with how much of a beast the 1080 is, how can you really improve upon the several variations of the card that are already on the market? Well, MSI has the answer for you!

They took their MSI GAMING X 1080 and jacked up the memory to 11 Gbps, up from the 10 Gbps on the original to give us the MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS. With the same cooler, clock speeds and Cuda cores, can the GAMING X 1080 PLUS be that much different from the Gaming X 1080? Also, with the 1080 finally coming out with custom coolers, is it even worth buying a 1080 at this point? We ran the MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS through our suite of benchmarks to find out. I’d like to thank MSI for sending us this card to review. Now, let’s see how this card did.

About MSI

“As a world leading gaming brand, MSI keeps raising the bar in design and innovation of its GAMING Series products and has been a long-term sponsor of global eSports teams. Outstanding teamwork of MSI’s senior R&D staff and professional gamers culminates in the creation of every MSI GAMING product. At the core of MSI’s innovation remains an unwavering commitment to provide Top Player with Top Choice products. Apart from its partnership with more than 15 pro-gaming teams around the world, MSI is also an active participant in international gaming tournaments and the host of MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena, a world-renowned gaming event. Thrilling in quality and performance, the MSI GAMING Series has proven to meet the most demanding tournament needs, bringing out pro-gamers’ best performance and leading them to one victory after another in the global eSports scene. All the above accounts for dominant eSports teams’ and professional gamers’ trust and decision to choose the MSI GAMING Series that helps them achieve more in their quest for world championship.”

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