MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus Video Card Review

Overclocking and Temperatures

The MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS did great in both overclocking and temperatures. In the MSI Gaming App, I use the Gaming Mode preset, which sets the base clock to 1683 and the boost clock to 1822. Using MSI Afterburner, I then added a +150 to the core clock and a +225 to the memory. I achieved a maximum overclock of 2163 MHz, the 4th highest of all PASCAL cards I’ve tested. As for the temperature, even on a 30-minute loop of Unigine Heaven, the MSI GAMIONG X 1080 PLUS only hit 65°c under load. This was the second lowest temperature of all my PASCAL testing and the lowest of all the GTX 1080s I’ve tested.

The MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS was by far the coolest 1080 I’ve tested yet.

The MSI GAMING X 1080 Plus had one of the highest clock speeds of any of the PASCAL cards I’ve tested.

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