MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus Video Card Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I’ve made it no secret that I absolutely love the TWIN FROZR cooler. I’ve made that clear on several occasions. I would like to see it available with different color combinations. Like black and white or even red and white.  That being said, the MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS is an amazing card all around. It far exceeded my expectations. It outperformed all other GTX 1080s that I’ve tested, including the EVGA Classified. The Gaming X 1080 Plus achieved a max overclock of 2163 and only hit 65°c.  That’s a full 6°c cooler than the XTREME GAMING 1080 that maxed out at 71°c. That goes to show how well the TWIN FROZR COOLER works.

At the time of writing this review, it’s still before the embargo is up, and there for MSI still hasn’t announced any pricing. It’ll no doubt be slotted between the original Gaming X 1080 which is on Newegg for $574.99 and the MSI GAMING X 1080 TI which is $749.99 on Newegg. The card launched on 4/20/2017, so pricing will be available soon. This card performed excellent, so much so that I’m happy to award the MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS the Pro Clockers’ “Highly Recommended Award.” This is a monster of a card and by far the best GTX 1080 I’ve tested. If you’re in the market for a new card or are like me and just want all the cards, check out this MSI GAMING X 1080 PLUS, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Great Performance
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Runs cool under load
  • Overclocks great


  • None


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