MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Review

Packaging & Unboxing


MSI’s packaging probably looks pretty familiar by now, the sleek black box is broken with a large colorful rendered image of part of the card inside. MSI’s logo is in the top left corner, the model under it on the bottom left, Nvidia’s normal model label on the lower right, and the GeForce and VR Ready logs on the top right.

The rear of the box is very busy with the cooling system taking up most of the space and some features and system requirements listed on the rightmost ¼ of the box.

The top and bottom flaps have a few logos, and the bottom has some basic specs in several languages.

The left and right sides of the box are similar; the only difference is the right side has the serial and UPS information.

Opening the top flap, you are greeted with the message ‘Play Hard, Stay Silent’.

Inside is a single cardboard tray with a block of foam in it. on top of the foam is a brown paper envelop with the paperwork.

Under the top foam cover, you find the GPU cradled in the foam block inside an ESD safe bag. The Included GPU brace is in its own cut-out in the foam.

All of the goodies are shown here and include the MSI CPU brace, a PCIe 6-pin to PCIe 8-adapter, the driver disk, an installation guide, a Quick users guide, a thank you not from MSI, and a Lucky the Dragon comic book.

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