MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Review

A Closer Look

The First thing you’ll probably notice is the monster size of the card. Besides the Duke, this is the first MSI card to feature a triple fan cooling solution outside of the popular Lightning series.

The rear of the card is entirely covered in a large brushed finish backplate with the classic MSI dragon towards the rear of the card. A few vents are found over the GPU Core area.

Video outputs are a VR friendly set up with a single Dual-Link DVI-D (digital only), Dual gold-plated HDMI 2.0 ports, and dual Display Port 1.4 ports.

Power input consists of a pair of PCIe 8-pin connections and when combined with a 75W PCIe power budget, give us a total maximum power rating of 375W. The card is rated 250W, so there should be a little bit of room for overclocking.

The Cooling solution is comprised of 3 TORX 2.0 fans with the Dispersion fan blades for 22% more air pressure for superior cooling.

The outside edge has the GeForce GTX Logo, as well as MSI’s Logo showing.

The MSI logo on the back plate as well as the accent strip is Mystic Light Enabled and is comprised of addressable LEDs for several neat effects. By default, the lighting rotates through a handful of effects at random.

The fins around the TORX fans light up red only in random patterns, but can’t really be controlled sadly.

Pulling the back plate off, we get a look at the oversized matte black PCB of the GAMING X TRIO.

After loosening a few more screws, we can detach the heatsink and its pile of heat pipes. MSI’s Close Quarters Cooling solution is left in place over the memory IC’s and helps cool as well as add quite a bit of rigidity to the card. The rear of the card is covered in MSI’s Military Class 4 components for a stable and long lifetime and includes things like the Super Ferrite Chokes and Japanese Solid Capacitors around the VRM stage.

Power is delivered to the GPU core by 8 doubled power phases via an On Semiconductor NCP81274 synchronous buck voltage controller.

Interestingly, MSI chose to use Gold Plated HDMI connectors so you know you are getting a clean, corrosion free connection for the life of the card.

While we have the hood up, we’re kind of obligated to take a die shot of NVIDIA’s monster-sized GP102 ‘Pascal’ die that measures a staggering 471 square millimeters and tips the scales with 12 Billion transistors.

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