MSI Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse Review


MSI is known for great PC hardware such as motherboards and graphics cards and even gaming notebooks. MSI also started their peripheral line with a few gaming mouse and keyboard models. Today, we will be looking at one, the MSI Interceptor DS B1 gaming mouse. Follow us today as we check it out.

MSI’s Take on the Interceptor DS B1

Gaming Grade Optical Sensor

  • High speed motion detection at 37ips and acceleration up to 15g
  • Resolution up to 1,600
  • Frame rate up to 4,000fps

Ergonomic Design

DS B1 ergonomic design to enhance the comfort of the user while using mouse and to help prevent serious injury from long-term daily computer use.

Anti-Slip Surface

Featuring side Anti-Slip grips, ensure the prefect grip and you never loss of mouse control again.

Weight System

DS B1 comes with eight 2 gram weights to suit variety of games. Customize the perfect weight for a perfect feel.

Gold-Plated Connector

Gold-plated USB connector with rubber sheathed cable.


  • Model: Interceptor DS B1 GAMING Mouse
  • DPI: 1,600
  • Button: 6 Buttons
  • Dimension: (L)123*(W)71*(H)39mm
  • Weight: 108g
  • Interface: USB


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