MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z GPU Review


With higher prices on the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 cards, it puts Ray Tracing out of reach for the mainstream market. Well, that is no longer the case with the RTX 2060 just now hitting the shelf with a more affordable MSRP starting at $349.99. MSI’s top offering, the RTX 2060 Gaming Z features MSI’s latest cooling solution the TWIN FROZR 7 which includes MSI’s new TORX 3.0 fans. The Gaming Z also features a stylish black and silver design, RGB lighting and a boost factory overclock of 1830 MHz. The MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z does sit a little above the Founders Edition but still remains affordable at an MSRP of $379.

We would like to thank MSI for sending us the RTX 2060 Gaming Z for review.

MSI’s Take on the RTX 2060 Gaming Z


  • Powered by GeForce RTX 2060
  • 6GB of GDDR6 192-bit memory interface
  • Cooled by TWIN FROZR 7 with TORX 3.0 ball bearing fans
  • Brushed aluminum back plate
  • Custom PCB

Core Clocks:

  • Memory 14 Gbps
  • 1920 CUDA cores
  • Boost frequency of 1830 MHz
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