MSI vs Asus Motherboards

msi motherboards

What manufacturer offers the best motherboard: MSI or Asus?

If you’re planning on getting a new motherboard or just build a new system, you have to choose the right board that will come with all the features the other components need. There are many manufacturers out there, such as MSI, ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and so on. But which one is better and why?

We will only take a look at MSI and ASUS and talk about each brand, the latest motherboards they offer, and compare the performance, design, price, and features. By the end of the article, you will realize which motherboard manufacturer has the best offer for what you are trying to build.


MSI produces more than motherboards – we see they produce GPUs, pre-builts and other products. When it comes to motherboards, MSI has a large range of boards that cover all budget levels. You can easily get the best value for the price tag most MSI motherboards have. The high-end options from MSI are also performant and have a great quality. Add the good RGB software and your build will also be fancy – if you’re willing to join the RGB train, of course.


ASUS also produces a wide range of products. What differentiates ASUS from other manufacturers is that they produce high-performing motherboards that come with strong VRM modules at all price ranges. The most performant motherboards from ASUS that also come with RGB are also the most expensive on the market.

Let’s see how the brands compare in terms of performance, software, and warranty.

MSI vs ASUS Motherboards Performance

asus vs msi motherboards

The most important thing when it comes to a motherboard’s performance is its stability. MSI offers great stability even for overclocking, but this is only possible in top-tier motherboards.

Meanwhile, ASUS is known for being incredibly stable. Looking at the APEX motherboards, we see great stability when overclocked. While MSI is doing a good job, ASUS is much better in this category.


MSI vs ASUS Motherboards Software

MSI isn’t bad when it comes to its software, but ASUS is the only producer that has so many important software solutions. Actually, it is the only one that offers the most granular software solutions on the market through its AI Suite 3.


MSI vs ASUS Motherboards: Warranty


Warranty is a big deal, even for trustworthy brands that offer durable hardware. Again, MSI is left behind in this category with a 1-year warranty for all of their motherboards. Whatever you pay for a board, the warranty only covers it for a year.

Meanwhile, ASUS has different warranties for its boards. The standard one is 3 years for all motherboards, but TUF and TUF Gaming series motherboards have a 5-year warranty.

MSI vs ASUS Motherboards: Verdict

asus vs msi motherboards - pick the best one

Looking at the general performance, software, and warranty offered by MSI and ASUS, we clearly know who the winner is. It’s no doubt that ASUS is the better motherboard manufacturer.

However, MSI motherboards are great, losing in front of ASUS only when it comes to controlling, customizing and the granularity offered from ASUS.

Next, we’re going to take a look at an MSI and an ASUS motherboard and compare them in terms of specs.

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