MSI X299 MEG Creation Motherboard Review

Packaging & Unboxing

MSI uses a very colorful box for the X299 MEG Creation with the ‘Elemental Explosion’ coming out from under the full-color picture of the board inside.

The rear of the box has a full-color picture of the board in the center with several features highlighted around it. A listing of the rear I/O ports and some basic specs are near the bottom.

The bottom of the box has some basic specs in numerous languages.

The sides of the box are colorful and have the model name and MSI logos on them.

Opening the box up, we are greeted with… two more boxes.

MSI houses the motherboard in one box and everything included with the board in the other.

The goodies box is completely packed. You get what looks a lot like a GPU at first glance, an expansion card, and a black MSI branded bag of goodies.

The expansion card is MSI’s Thunderbolt M3 card, and you get the M.2 Expander-Aero. This devices looks like a GPU but houses four M.2 drives for Intel VROC storage. The Wi-Fi antenna is wrapped up really well in plastic and is sort of difficult to dig out.

There is quite a bit of paperwork, you get a manual, thank-you card from MSI, some cable label stickers, a quick start guide, an MSI product sheet and tucked in the manual is the driver and utility disk.

Inside the black MSI bag is a case badge, I/O shield, SLI bridge, SATA cables, HDD LED cable for expander card, Thunderbolt controller cable, several RGB cables, fan extension cable, temp probes, and M.2 mounting hardware.

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