MSI X299 MEG Creation Motherboard Review



Intel’s Core i9-7900X can boost a single thread up to 4.3 GHz but spends most of its time hovering around 4.0 GHz.

We’ll try Game Boost first. Obviously, we have to ‘Crank it to 11’ just on principle.

While this worked after a reboot and gave us 4.9GHz, the voltage applied (nearly 1.5V) caused instant overheating and throttling with almost all cores slamming into the 105C limit. We use a high performance closed loop liquid cooling system on our test bench, but this much voltage on ten cores is just too hot for above ambient cooling.

We’ll back Game Boost back to level 8. This gives us 4.7 GHz, and considerably lower voltage, but still around 1.35V which was still causing thermal throttling.

While the system is stable, the score suffers pretty badly with the throttling.

If we manually dial the voltage down we can jump back up to 4.8 GHz and get a good score out of Cinebench. A few cores were right on the edge of throttling though.

We tuned the voltage a hair more and pushed the ram up to 3400MHz effective and got a really solid 2600 points out of Cinebench.

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