MSI X299 MEG Creation Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

MSI’s latest addition to the Enthusiast Gaming lineup is quite striking. The Creation aesthetics are impressive in and even as aggressive as it is, the neutral color scheme will blend well with most builds. The RGB on board is quite tasteful with more subtle accents. You have plenty of RGB headers if you want to control more, and fans of Corsair will appreciate the Corsair compatible header. Feature-wise, there really isn’t anything missing here. The HEDT compliment of eight memory slots as well as four PCIe x16 slots should handle the most powerful workstation tasks out there. The latest connectivity covers Wireless, Bluetooth and ever 2.5 gigabit Ethernet.

Performance of the MEG Creation was high as we’ve come to expect from MSI. Memory performance was super strong in all of our testings. The automatic overclocking Game Boost worked but was far too aggressive with voltage to provide a good experience. It was stable but quickly overheated our CPU causing a drastic drop in performance from thermal throttling. MSI’s BIOS is easy to navigate so all we had to do was take over and dial the voltage back and we had exceptional performance as expected.

Great job MSI!

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