MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard Review


The X370 XPower Gaming Titanium is easily one of the most unique looking motherboards on the market. It also MSI’s newest motherboards for the recently released AMD Ryzen processors. Featuring silver and black highlights with a matching PCB, there’s no mistaking the XPower Titanium heritage.

Built on MSI’s Military Class 5 foundation, the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium supports AMD’s latest Ryzen processors and DDR4 memory up to 3200 MHz via four memory slots. There’s dual Turbo M.2 connectivity with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s. Six SATA ports and two U.2 ports offer even more storage options. There dual USB 3.1 front panel connectors along with six USB 3.1 rear ports. The Intel i211AT chip provides high quality network connectivity combined with 15KV anti-surge protection.

It seems that all the bases are quite well covered, but there are some additional features which add even more performance, flexibility, and value. Steel Armor PCI-E and memory slots offer additional strength to reduce tear out during transport and shield from EMI. Support for 2-way Nvidia SLI and 3-way AMD CrossFire is standard. Audio Boost 4 delivers thigh sound quality with premium quality audio components and an isolated audio PCB.

MSI has also paid close attention on the software side. They have revised their UEFI based Click BIOS to version 5, which has exclusive MSI Boost Overclocking features. There are also several applications that allows quite a bit of control over the BIOS, overclocking, LAN, and other various features from inside the Windows environment as well.

MSI’s take on the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium


With a unique look and feel, packed with exclusive gaming features, MSI ENTHUSIAST GAMING motherboards offer the best possible gaming experience.


  • GAMING Device Port
  • Lightning USB 3.1 Gen2
  • VR Boost
  • Intel® GAMING LAN
  • Golden audio jacks with S/PDIF
  • Full gaming I/O & Audio cover
  • Stunning looks, protecting the I/O ports
  • Heavy plated TITANIUM heatsinks
  • Leading heatsink design, for maximum cooling
  • DDR4 Boost with Steel Armor
  • Optimized traces and isolated memory circuitry
  • PCI-E Steel Armor
  • Protecting VGA cards against bending and EMI
  • 2x M.2 support latest SSD devices
  • NVMe support, up to 32 Gb/s using PCI-Express Gen3 x4
  • M.2 Shield
  • Thermal enhancement for M.2 devices for best performance
  • Audio Boost 4 with amplifier
  • Optimized gaming audio using best components, with Nahimic 2


Customize and set up your own color scheme with RGB Mystic Light Sync. Select any of the colors from the palette using your smartphone or the MSI Gaming App to match your system style. Bored of the same colors? Simply change the complete look of your system in 1 second!


Cooling your PC is essential for reliable performance. We’ve made sure to include enough fan headers with full control to allow you to cool your system any way you want.


Outsmart and outperform your opponents in-game using an array of unique MSI GAMING tools. Clever hardware & software tools, created to keep you one step ahead of the competition and boost your skills.


This MSI GAMING motherboard supports all the latest storage standards. This allows you to connect any ultra-fast storage device, giving you in-game benefits. Start games faster, load levels faster and have a real advantage over your enemies.


Integrating the very best of cutting edge technologies on MSI hardware provides a smooth VR ride. Through joint efforts with major VR brands, combined with unique MSI features geared to VR, MSI brings gamers and VR professionals a vivid and realistic experience in which content truly comes alive.

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