Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU Cooler

Closer look

This SE14 is an improvement of the older C12P. The major different between the two would be the included 140mm fan compared to the 120mm from the older version. Noctua played it safe with the weight on the C12P as it weighs in at just 550 grams without the fan assembled. 750 grams with the fan mounted. This is considered lightweight compared to many of today’s coolers. Unlike some of Noctua coolers the C12P comes equipped with all the hardware needed to mount to all current Intel and AMD sockets including socket 1156 and AM3.

The C12P is shaped quite differently from the cooler we are common to seeing. Many of today’s coolers are in the form of the tower-style. If you have been around for some time you will remember the older, what we like to call table-top style cooler. Which means the fan is mounted horizontally and not vertical.  And what makes you this table-top is an array of aluminum fins. The fins extend far beyond that of the base of the cooler with a series of fins being connected to the base. The bottom fins that are connected to the base aid in heat dissipation.

Also connected to the base of the cooler are six nickel-plated copper heat pipes. The fins run from one end of the top layer of fins and form a ‘S’ shape bend before heading into the base of the cooler.

The base of the cooler is typical of Noctua. Mostly shiny with little sign of machining. Evidently this doesn’t hinder the performance of Noctua coolers as we have seen them shine time after time. To the sides of the base you can visually see the pre-installed mounting hardware for the SecurFirm2 assembly. More on that later.

Before we get into the assembling of the cooler lets take a look at the fan that comes with the cooler. The model is a 14cm NF-P14 performance fan. The specifications are as follows: 750-1200 RPM, 20 dBA maximum and airflow ranging from 71-110 m3/h.

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