NoiseHush i7 and i9 Noise-Cancelling Headset Review

Packaging and Unboxing – i7 Aviator & i9BT Wireless

The i7 Aviator’s come packaged in a full-color cardboard box. the front shows an image of the headset and lists some key features.

The back of the box lists details for the headset including a breakdown of the internals and a neat little graphic on how noise cancellation works.

The packaging for the i9BT Wireless is similar to tehat of the i7 while being identical in size.

The back side of the i9BT box again looks similar to that of it i7’s with the same details and breakdowns listed.

Both the i7 and i9BT come inside a soft zippered pouch inside the main box.

The pouch has an elastic mesh pocket on the backside for storing small items.

Both the i7 and i9BT come packaged the same way. The headset and owner’s manual is tucked on the right hand side under an elastic strap while there’s a small velcro puch on the left that holds the accessories.

The i7 Aviator comes with this soft flat cable with built-in microphone, an adapter for plugging into a household stereo and an airplane adapter.

The i9BT headset comes with a nice braided cloth-wrapped cable, a USB charging cable and the same two adapters we saw with the i7 kit.

The cloth sleeve on the i9BT’s cable is high quality and very flexible.

The cable ends on the i9BT’s cable are nicer quality as well with chrome metal casings instead of just molded rubber ends.

Let’s take a closer look at the headsets on the next page.

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