NoiseHush i7 and i9 Noise-Cancelling Headset Review

<--pagebreak-->A Closer Look – i7 Aviator

The i7 Aviator headset has plastic covers that are chromed. This cover (on the left ear cup) opens so you can isntall a pair of AAA batteries to power the noise-cancelation feature.

The base of the left ear cup has a port for the 3.5mm audio cable. The right ear cup has the volume knob, an on/off switch and an indicator for the noise-cancelling function. The nice thing abotu these headsets is the headsets work even if the batteries die or the noise-cancellation feature is turned off.

The headband is adjustable on both the left and right sides for a comfortable fit.

Both ear cups have a soft foam padding that reduces outside noise and provides comfort for long-duration listening.

Let’s move along and take a close rlook at the i9BT Wireless headset on the next page.

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