NoiseHush i7 and i9 Noise-Cancelling Headset Review

<--pagebreak-->A Closer look – i9BT Wireless

The i9BT headset has similar plastic covers on the ear cups but the first difference is that the i9BT comes with a built-in Li-Ion battery rather than the removable AAA batteries we saw on the i7. The plastic covers on the i9BT are also a little darker chrome than the ones on the i7’s.

The ports on the i9BT are also different from what you’ll find on the i7. To the far left you can see the rubber USB port cover (for charging), the small hole is the built-in microphone (rather than the in-line one on the i7), then the same 3.5mm jack. To the right of the jack is an LED that’s used to indicate charging (red) and Bluetooth connectivity (green).  The right ear cup has the same controls we saw on the i7.

The left ear cup also has three additional buttons that work with the Bluetooth connectivity for play/pause and forward/backwards skipping.

The right ear cup is almost identical to that of the i7 with only minor labeling differences.

The ear cups of the i9BT are similar to that of the i7, just with slightly different colors.

Looking at the two next to each other the main difference is that the i7 (left) uses almost black for the housing while the i9BT (right) uses something closer to a gunmetal.

Let’s take a look at using each of the headsets now.<--pagebreak-->Using the i7 Aviator and i9BT Wireless Headsets

To start using the active noise cancellation feature on the i7 headset you need to slide off the cover on the left hand ear cup and isntall a pair of AAA batteries (not included). The cover is a little tricky to properly line back up but once you get it on it’s nice and secure.

Once you turn the ANC switch on the green LED will light up indicating that the ANC function is active.

The i9BT headset is slightly different. First you need to plug in the included USB charging cable. The red LED will light up indicating that the headset is charging. Once the red LED goes out the headset is charged and ready to be used. Turning on the ANC function is identical to that of the i7 Aviator headset.

On the i9BT headset connecting it via Bluetooth is straightforward and simple. Simply hold the play/pause button until the charge LED starts blinking green. Open your Bluetooth panel in your device and select “NoiseHush i9BT” and hit connect. If prompted for a password (I wasn’t on my Droid Turbo) simply enter “0000” and you’re all set to go. To turn off BT when you’re finished simply hold the play/pause button until a descending tone is heard through the speakers.

When I first put the headsets on with ANC off I was impressed with the sound suppression just from the foam ear cups. However once I turned on the ANC I was blown away. I could hardly hear my own voice at a normal speaking volume. It’s quite impressive to say the least.

Let’s wrap up this review with some final thoughts.<--pagebreak-->

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