Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV with Docking Station Low-latency Digital Bluetooth Review



Now a days it is difficult to enjoy your favorite music or TV shows without someone complaining that you have the volume to loud for them. All you want to do is entertain yourself to your comfort level and with technology today that is possible with a wireless headset. Today we at Proclockers are testing out Hammo TV by Noontec a  wireless/Bluetooth headset that can be used for many aspects of entertainment. 

About Noontec 

Noontec built its brand in Australia starting in March 2002 and has been dedicated to providing customers high-quality audio and video products ever since. Noontec consistently pursues creating precisely designed, high-tech products that offer customers’ wonderful experiences. 

In 2005, Noontec launched the word’s first all aluminum 1080p HD media player — A6, which were sold at more than 40 countries, resulting in amazing sales of over 500,000 sets! In 2010, Noontec launched the first collapsible Hi-Fi headphones called ZORO, which became rapidly popular with its fashionable design in conveniently compact structure and Hi-Fi grade sound, receiving 5-star level acclaim from over 40 respected media outlets! Afterward, Noontec went on to release other headphones, including Hammo, Rio and has received high, widespread praise from customers worldwide. 

Noontec focuses on product quality and sustainable innovation and strives for perfection. Each product must live up to your expectations, so thank you for your interest.  

Noontec thoughts on the Hammo TV Wireless Headset  

We all face situations like this: You’re trying to enjoy a movie, but when the TV is loud enough to hear the dialogue, the sound effects wake the whole house or disturb your neighbors. Other times, the programs you want to watch contain language or other content that isn’t meant for the ears of young children. The Noontec Hammo TV is the solution to these and similar situations and allows you to privately enjoy any program without disturbing others. 
The Hammo TV personal wireless audio system is specially designed for television, and features a low-latency wireless docking station designed for living rooms. Hammo TV includes wireless Hi-Fi headphones and a sleek, dedicated docking station to provide a complete solution for enjoying your favorite movie sound tracks. 

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