Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV with Docking Station Low-latency Digital Bluetooth Review

Product Information, Features, & Specifications  

Product Information 

Product Dimensions 

7.1 x 7.3 x 2.6 inches 

Item Weight 

6.9 ounces 

Shipping Weight 

6.9 pounds 





Item Model Number 

Hammo TV 


1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)  


One-Stop Solution 
The Hammo TV wireless headphones are specially designed for television, and features a low-latency wireless docking station designed for living rooms. 
Hammo TV includes a wireless headphones and a sleek, dedicated docking station to provide a complete solution for enjoying your favorite movie sound tracks. 

Older RF (radio frequency) headphones used analog signals, and required complex frequency adjustment. In addition, they were subject to RF interference causing static which resulted in poor audio quality. In contrast, the Hammo TV utilizes High Definition digital wireless technology which provides resistance to RF interference, no need for frequency adjustment. 

Low Latency 
The wireless docking station uses low-latency wireless transmission technology, which ensures perfect synchronization between the audio and video portions of programming. 

50 Hours Battery Life 
The Hammo TV headphones come with a built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery which features low power consumption and energy-saving technology. This enables you to use the wireless headphones continuously for as long as 50 hours when the battery is fully charged. 

Long Transmission Distance 
The maximum wireless transmission distance of Hammo TV can be up to 10m, which means it is powerful enough for most living rooms. 

Attractive, Orderly and Neat 
A special docking bracket for holding the headphones is provided. After you finish listening, you simply place the headphones on the bracket. They’ll be ready for you, neat and orderly with no searching the next time you want to enjoy your media. 

Note: Hammo TV ONLY works with TV’s with either a RCA Audio OUT or a 3.5mm headphones Audio OUT; Or if your TV has the bluetooth function, Hammo TV can be paired with your TV without the docking station. 
If your TV has only an optical digital audio OUT or simply a digital audio OUT, an optical to analog converter is then required. Please purchase at your own needs. 

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