Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV with Docking Station Low-latency Digital Bluetooth Review

Unboxing & A Closer Look 

Front of the Box of Noontec Hammo TV Headset shows the unit place upon the docking bracket on the Bluetooth base. 

Left side of the box show the left side of the Hammo Headset on the docking bracket. 

Back side of the box had a schematic still of instructions on how you can hook up the headset to your TV via an RCA or headphone jack. There are also brief description of the headset and contents in six different languages.  

Right side of the box is a floating headset with the right facing outward. A sticker with the model number is also on this side. 

Sliding of the outside cover you find a black box with the Noontec logo on the front of the box. 

Once you have unpacked the box you have a Bluetooth base with docking bracket  

The foldable Bluetooth Hammo TV Headset. 

A collection of plugs and cords to help you connect the headset to your home device.  2x 3.5mm audio cables, RCA Adapter, USB Power cable, USB Charge cable, and USB Charger. 

Four booklets: Limited Warranty, Important Safety Instructions, User Manual, and an Important Notice. 

A Closer Look 

The back side of the left headphone is the Power button and Volume Up and Down buttons. 

Each side of the headset is the red Noontec trademark. 

Top of the headset has the Noontec logo. 

The back side of the base there are three ports: DC in 5V, DC out 5V, and AUX. Also there is a pinhole reset switch. 

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