NZXT Grid+ V2 Digital Fan Controller Review


Proper airflow within a computer case is very important to keep all the components running cool and at safe temperatures. Surely adding fans in the chassis for ventilation and exhaust does that but if you want a more scientific approach to only use the optimal power based on how much cooling is required to reduce power consumption and noise, a fan controller is needed. Today we will be looking at one from NZXT, the Grid V2+ Digital Fan controller.

The Grid V2+ is an upgrade from the Grid fan hub now that you can control the fans digitally. Since the NZXT Grid V2+ is a digital fan controller, you will have to install a software and control the fans in your computer’s desktop unlike analog fan controllers where you have knobs or a front panel LED display to control the fans. The Grid V2+ let’s you do all that within the desktop and the device itself doesn’t need physical access once installed so you can hide it inside the chassis.

NZXT’s Take on the Grid V2+ Digital Fan Controller


GRID+ V2 combines intuitive software and variable installation options to provide a simple, non-intrusive solution for digital fan control. With CAM support, the GRID+ V2 allows you to name your fans and adjust your fan speeds easily using versatile preset or custom fan profiles.


Now with individually controlled channels and up to 30 watts total output, the GRID+ V2 allows you to control six separate fan channels. Using CAM, users can set and create independent profiles for each fan.


Following in the footsteps of the NZXT GRID, the GRID+V2 can be installed in any discreet location, making cable management a breeze.

For more details on the Grid V2+ Digital Fan Controller, you can visit the NZXT website on this link. Let’s look at the specifications of the Grid V2+ on the next page.

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