NZXT H700i Ninja Case Review

Packaging & Unboxing

NZXT 700i Ninja deviates from its traditional white/purple packaging and replaced it with an entirely blue box. On the front of the box is a profile shot of the H700I Ninja sporting a custom blue paint job and giant Ninja logo on the back panel.

Turning the box to the side, we see the H700i Ninja’s notable features as well as the case specifications, cooling capabilities, and system requirements. The listed features are also written at the bottom in 10 additional languages.

Moving to the back of the box, the Ninja theme is continued with Tyler’s logo filling up the entire back of the box. In the bottom right corner is another shot of the H700i showing off its custom “Ninja” etched tempered glass side panel.

The final side of the box highlights some of the unique features of the H700i Ninja and what inspired the case’s design.  Also, in bold text, we have the slogan “Stand out from the other 99 players” which references the highly popular game, Fortnite, by Epic Games.

After removing the case from the box, it is protected by two pieces of foam on each side and is wrapped in a plastic bag.

Since the H700i Ninja has no plastic film, after all the packaging has been removed, you can jump right in building your PC.

Included with the H700i Ninja are two custom Ninja vinyl stickers, H700i user guide, front panel extension cable, LED strip extension cable, zip-ties, and various types of screws. I really like that NZXT too the time to individually package each set of screws and even labeled the baggies. Little things like this really make it easier to find the correct screw when completing your build.

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