NZXT H700i Ninja Case Review

A Closer Look: Interior

To get a look at the interior of the H700i Ninja, you must remove four thumb screws and gently remove the tempered glass. Taking off the temper glass panel was a little tricky due to it being slightly indented into the case. When doing so, we made sure we had a hand at the bottom to prevent it from falling onto the desk. Once the panel was removed, the H700i Ninja has a matte black finish on the motherboard tray and PSU shroud with a nice pop of color with a yellow cable management bar. On their PSU shroud, we have some more ever so subtle NZXT branding with a detachable SSD mount beside it.

Looking toward the front of the case, are three pre-installed NZXT Aer F120 fans along with an LED strip to their right. NZXT has also included a second LED strip which is located at the top right of the case. Both the fans and LED strips are plugged into an NZXT Smart Device which is installed behind the cable management bar at the top of the case.

At the back of the case, we have our fourth pre-installed 120mm fan which acts as the case’s exhaust.

Looking down at the PSU shroud, we have two more detachable SSD mounts which can be installed anywhere on the shroud. Beside the SSD mounts, there is also a hole to feed some cables through, which is perfect for running your PSU cables. If you wanted to install a 360mm radiator or AIO up front, you can do so thanks to a cutout in the front portion of the shroud. The large cutout is approximately 70mm from the back of the cutout to the installed fans, this gives you enough room for even a push/pull configuration on the radiator.

Going to the back of the case, it’s nice to see that NZXT has kept with the cable management channels at the back. We loved these in our previous review of the H500i and I’m sure they will come in handy with our H700i Ninja build. Looking below the motherboard tray, we have two more SSD mounting brackets bringing our total up to 5.

Taking a closer look at the cable channels, we have multiple cable lanes located on both sides of the cable management bar as well as below the SSD brackets. It’s nice to see that NZXT has also included many Velcro straps over these channels limiting your need to use zip ties when cleaning up your cables.


Underneath the PSU NZXT has also included a 3.5” drive bay that can store up to two drives. If you are not utilizing the drive bay or wish to have more room for your PSU, it can be removed using the two thumb screws at the bottom. Also if you want just to use one of the brackets, the second one can be detached using the two thumb screws in the middle.

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